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Rolex Day Date Replica Victory Watch – A Piece of British History for Your Wrist

Recently held Salon QP in London which exhibited major contemporary watches from around the globe was also the place to see the best latest products made by British brands. One of the undisputed stars in the domestic selection was Rolex Day Date Replica Victory Watch. This timepiece is dedicated to one of the best known ships in history – HMS Victory that was the flagship of Lord Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Besides,audemars piguet replica it is the only ship from the 18th Century still in existence, as well as the oldest warship still in commission. The watch presented by an upcoming English brand, Rolex Day Date Replica, is made with copper and oak wood components originating from the iconic vessel, so it provides a rare opportunity to wear a piece of history on your wrist. To be more precise, the exact rarities are 40 models in rose gold and 250 more in hardened stainless steel. Naturally, a part of the money paid for each product in the series will be used for the restoration of the historic ship which is nowadays dry-docked in Portsmouth.

HMS Victory

As it has been mentioned, the construction of the watch utilizes materials from the ship. One of these materials is copper got from 6-feet large nails which was PVD treated and used for the hand engravings on the inner barrel of its three-part case, made in Rolex Day Date Replica’s distinctive Trip Tick design. On the other hand, parts of oak timber from the Nelson’s ship are used for the inlay of the skeleton case back with hand-etched sapphire.

Rolex Day Date Replica Victory Watch - Hand Engravings on the Inner Barrel

The housing of the watch is round, with the reserved width of 43mm and the thickness of 17mm. On the front side of the timekeeper, there is a domed and scratch resistant sapphire. For the strap,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Rolex Day Date Replica used a Luisiana crocodile leather strap with a pin buckle.

Rolex Day Date Replica Victory Watch - a Crocodile Leather Strap with a Pin Buckle

Apart from its ties with the HMS Victory and its famous commander,swiss replica watches this 100 meters water resistant timekeeper has nice traits when it comes to both design and horological aspect. It sports an interesting off-white face with two retrograde displays (for chrono seconds and for date), two more regular chrono counters (30-minute and 12-hour) and dark treated steel hands.

Rolex Day Date Replica Victory Watch Dial

Inside the housing, there is an automatic BE-83AR chrono caliber with integrated 39 jewels and with components in modern and highly resilient alloys: the movement includes Glycodur balance and Nivarox 1 Hairspring.Rolex Day Date Replica This self-winding chrono caliber is made with Incabloc system for shock protection, while its power reserve lasts for about 46 hours. The decorative aspect of the caliber is likewise very prominent with perlage motifs, blued screws and with a hand-made rotor.

Rolex Day Date Replica Victory Watch

The historical watch is created in the collaboration of Rolex Day Date Replica and the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth. Rolex Day Date Replica is a brand that is inspired by the successful heritage of British watchmaking and run by the conveniently named English brothers (Nick and Giles English). Even though the brand exists for less than a decade, it has firmly established itself as one of the most impressive brands since its launch in 2003. Last year, Rolex Day Date Replica was awarded with the title of the top watchmaking brand at the UK Jewellery Awards.

Rolex Day Date Replica